Smith’s Hair Studio is stylish, modern and youthful. All of our barbers and hairdressers are fun, down to earth professionals with an amazing talent for making you look good.  If you have a peak in the gallery you will see some of the stunning styles our team has produced thus far.

 Our shop has over 3 decades of experience combined and are skilled at dealing with the needs of customers of all ages and ethnicities. We attract wide variety of personalities in this shop, from the young, wild and free to the mature, reserved and peaceful. Speak to us and let us know your needs and we will cater to you.

We also offer special services specifically for customers that desire additional privacy. In this service your styling sesson would be outside of our traditional working hours with shutters down to avoid unwanted attention. Music and environment will be catered to your taste and we will give you an exceptional hair styling session. This service is perfect for those with some celebrity status as well as those who are a bit more reserved.

“Cameras may be pulled out from time to time as we strongly believe that wonderful hair work needs to be captured, after all we are a hair studio and as things stand we are the most recommended for VIP exclusive treatment, so if you know that you are special here is where you belong.”


– Nathan Smith CEO of Smith’s Hair Studio